The Light Knight is a small, inconspicuous, completely self-contained traffic light changer designed specifically for your motorcycle, moped or scooter. Install a Light Knight traffic light changer in minutes and stop getting stuck at those pesky traffic lights that just will not give you your turn. The Light Knight

Order your very own Light Knight traffic light changer today and enjoy riding again. You’ll not only eliminate the chances of getting stuck at stubborn traffic lights but you’ll get one at a great price and you’ll get FREE shipping. Order today and be the envy of your riding buddies next week. Order now.

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Since a large number of motorcycle accidents occur at intersections, we thought it important to share some knowledge with our visitors about how to avoid these potential dangers. We're providing this information in the form of a small, easy to read book written by our friend Allan Kirk, CEO of The New Zealand Motorcycle Safety Consultants.

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